Benefits to Historic Houses & Churches


Collection Care

Arranging regular on-site visits can ensure small damages and losses are reinstated or consolidated quickly. This ensures those pieces do not get lost or damaged further in a 'bit box' and also allows the conservator to identify the cause of the deterioration and to then prevent further losses.

We can be a flexible and professional addition to your collection care strategy and team.

Value for Money

There are many benefits of this method:

  • Reduced transportation costs by minimising the need to move some objects to and from a  workshop.
  • Conservation work is completed more regularly preventing further loss, for example, when a piece of veneer becomes detached the chances are more will follow if not dealt with promptly and new losses may not be found.
  • Having a regular booking also allows us to plan ahead and offer a competitive price for regular clients and build a valued partnership.
  • We get to know your collection and can support with preventative conservation and condition reporting and monitoring.
  • Easier consultation on-site during projects to reduce administration and increase efficiency. Decision making is much easier when stakeholders are together in front of the object.
  • Houses that have on-site accommodation available can utilise this to further reduce the costs of daily transport and accommodation allowing more budget to be directed to your collection.

Budget Planning

Arranging a regular schedule of, for example, one conservator for 1 day per month or a team each quarter allows easier budget planning. We can set up a schedule to suit your requirements and review it regularly.

Mitigation of Risk

Risk to the collection can be reduced in a number of ways:

  • Working on-site reduces the risk of damage by changes to environmental conditions or during transportation.
  • Earlier intervention with a regular planned visits.
  • By planning into the annual budget there is not a situation where work is needed but no work budgeted for.
  • Support with condition reporting and preventative measures.
  • This also means you know when we are coming and this can be scheduled when it suits you to ensure it does not clash with other events and projects.

Peace of Mind

  • You have regularly planned conservation work completed by experienced and qualified conservators who will risk assess beforehand and work safely to protect your collection.
  • There are occasions when you need to book a conservator and cannot find one that is available and waste your valuable time searching. However if you have regular bookings you have the confidence that a visit is already booked in.

Public Engagement Opportunities

  • There are opportunities to complete appropriate conservation work in front of the public, subject to risk assessment. This can really engage the public with your collection.
  • The public also then see the work you are putting into your collection either via conservation in action or interpretation signage before and after work completed.